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 Dragonslayer Kennels - Margaret and John    *EST. 1982*
Tai Kennels - Cindy
We are a small hobby kennel located in the Haley Station, Ontario area.   We purchased our first chow from a man in White Lake, Pandy was her name.  Who could resist that adorable face!   So unique and intriguing she was that we had to find out more about these ‘chows’.  And so the quest begins…………
 It wasn’t long before it was decided that Pandy needed a companion and soon Bear, a black male chow, became a member of the family.  It was decided that Pandy needed to have babies……so the first litter of Dragonslayer puppies were born, in 1982. 
Friends convinced us that we should take Bear to a ‘dog show’!  We fell in love with the idea of showing, and soon learned that  red chows show better than the black counterparts.  We purchased a red female from one of the top kennels (from that time),  but found that she hated dog shows, and heard that males did better in the ring (usually) as they tended to have bigger heads and carried more bone and usually more coat.  We then purchased a male from another one of the top kennels.  We started a breeding program, where we would improve on the quality of dogs we already had.  To breed dogs with excellent temperament, clear eyes, sound in body and movement and sound in mind.
Margaret and John show the dogs occasionally, but usually their daughter Cindy does most of the showing and prepping of the dogs for the ring now.
In 1992, Cindy decided to use her own kennel name and the first Tai Kennel litter of chows was born.  Although most of the dogs are co-owned by Margaret and Cindy, some may have one or the other kennel name, or both kennel names.



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